SGVC 1-10 tons/hour

SGVC 1 - 10 tons/hour

The time-proved, efficient and reliable design of SGVC series steam generators by AMELIN offers numerous benefits as compared to regular tubular and flue boilers. These compact high heat transfer units boast higher energy efficiency, considerably smaller footprint, faster response to load fluctuations and do not require continuous operator presence thanks to the state-of-the-art controls and improved safety systems.

SGVC Steam Generator Operation Principle

SGVC Steam Generator Operation Principl

SGVC steam generators are based on the forced recirculation design.

A drum is used in the steam generator as a steam separator and a water tank to feed the coil pipes. Recirculation pump collects water from the drum and delivers it under pressure via a series of paralleled coil pipes at a velocity 3-4 times higher than tee maximum velocity of the steam.

Then, superheated water is routed via a series of deflectors in the drum where part of it turns into steam instantly and is separated. Dry steam is released into the output manifold, and the water is recycled through the coil pipes.

The supply of the fuel and air to sustain combustion is controlled by a modulating drive that is triggered by the feedback steam pressure, thus adjusting the capacity and steam flow rates. Feed water flow is adjusted by the water level control system and a modulating valve.

Economic and Process Advantages of the SGVC Series Steam Generators by AMELIN:

  • Fast startup and instant shutdown.
    The time required to achieve the set thermal capacity never exceeds 5 minutes after startup, thus offering extra fuel economy (up to 15%).
  • Quick response to changes in the thermal load.
    Instant response thanks to an efficient burner control system and the small volume of the circulating water in the coil pipes.
  • Stepless power control.
    Maximum capacity control range is 10:1 and supports uninterrupted supply of heat to consumers avoiding the need to cyclically start up and shut down the steam generator at low loads, thus bringing extra fuel economy while maintaining constant steam quality.
  • Fuel flexibility.
    Natural gas, propane, and diesel can be used to fire the steam generator. All that has to be done to switch the multi-fuel burner steam generator from one fuel to another is to turn the fuel switch.
  • Small external surface area means small area for the heat transfer by convection and low radiation energy losses.
    Due to their large dimensions, convection losses of roughly 3% are typical of flue boilers. Convection losses in the SGVC series steam generators are under 0.7%.
  • Steam generator design
    eliminates the risk of thermal shock, even when the plant is started up and shut down frequently, ensures reliable and safe operation, and simple maintenance.
  • Running steam generator does not need to be continuously attended by operators.

Small dimensions and weight, no need for a dedicated support structure make it possible to install SGVC series steam generators within existing boiler plants or other industrial areas to generate additional steam or to replace obsolete boilers in a phased manner.

Specifications: SGVC series steam generators
1 - 10 tons of steam per hour

  • Rated capacity: 736 – 5,886 KW
  • Thermal capacity: 0.63 – 5.1 Gcal
  • Steam capacity: 1 – 9.4 t/h
  • Operating pressure range: 0.1- 36 atm gauge
  • Control range: 10:1
  • Efficiency: 93-96%

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