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Вопрос в состоянии рассмотрения

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Вопрос в состоянии рассмотрения

The internal coosubtimn engine in the current configuration is the only engine that I remember from high school science class. They covered both the diesel and gasoline engines, how they worked and a brief history. There was no mention of an external coosubtimn engine that I can remember. There is and it predates the internal coosubtimn engine by quite a few years. I thought school was supposed to encourage and stimulate thought and curiosity. How can this be done properly when they don't provide alternatives to currently used and accepted devices. Who knows what somebody might get as an idea to build?Steam proplusion technology may be obsolete; but what about the stirling engine used as a heat pump on a nuclear reactor as a means to capture the lost heat? You can generate 1w of energy off the palm of your hand with a small stirling pump. And it's actually more efficient then a steam turbine.

Вопрос в состоянии рассмотрения

Are your systems portable ?

Вопрос в состоянии рассмотрения

Is it true that a steam generator achieves its operating capacity several times faster than a flue boiler?
AMELIN steam generators are unique in that it takes them less than 3 minutes to achieve the operating capacity after cold start. Small volume of water in the coil pipes is used to make the coil steam generator react to the steam flow immediately and throughout the capacity range. This saves fuel and reduces the costs of steam production and steam generator maintenance. These are the key advantages that steam generators by AMELIN offer as compared to flue boilers - no energy is lost to keep the steam hot while waiting for demand, unlike flue boilers that lose energy even during minor idle periods.The technology and the operation principle of coil steam generators by AMELIN are described on this website in more detail.

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AMELIN Group is launching at the Russian market a new product line - steam and electric boilers with unit capacity up to 5 MW
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