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What are the differences between steam generators and steam boilers, what are their advantages and disadvantages?
AMELIN steam generators are unique in that it takes them less than 3 minutes to achieve the operating capacity after cold start. Small volume of water in the coil pipes is used to make the coil steam generator react to the steam flow immediately and throughout the capacity range. This saves fuel and reduces the costs of steam production and steam generator maintenance. These are the key advantages that steam generators by AMELIN offer as compared to flue boilers - no energy is lost to keep the steam hot while waiting for demand, unlike flue boilers that lose energy even during minor idle periods.The technology and the operation principle of coil steam generators by AMELIN are described on this website in more detail.
Are steam generators explosion safe as compared to flue boilers?
Steam generators are absolutely explosion safe. High automation level, two and three level safety systems integrated in both the steam and gas sections eliminate the explosion hazard. At the same time, the small volume of water in coil pipes prevents the vessel from exploding even if the steam and water section have lost air-tightness. To the contrary, in a flue boiler burnt out chamber or pipe are a common cause of boiler explosion and casualties. What are the benefits offered by AMELIN coil steam generators?
Is the steam generator able to remain fully functional in a ragged regime (from 0% to 100% for 2 minutes) maintaining stable operating pressure within 0.1 kgf/cm2? This is required to sustain the process in oil refinery recovery columns.
Process advantages of AMELIN steam generators make it possible to maintain discrete and ragged process regimes in a wide range of steam consumption and loads. Smooth automatic adjustment of capacity within a wide modulation range (from 10% to 100%) by 0.1% increments. This brings following benefits: 1) prompt shutdown and startup; 2) operating regime is achieved quickly after cold start; 3) instant response to changes in thermal load.As for the second part of the question, AMELIN has completed a number of projects for oil refineries (TNK-BP, Novatek, etc.), chemical and pharmaceutical plants, where the specifics of the process require that high operating pressure is maintained within a precisely defined narrow range. Design of AMELIN steam generators and their high automation level enable them to comply with stringent steam supply specifications.The mentioned process benefits contribute to considerable fuel and energy savings (up to 30-40%) and lower costs per a Gcal of steam. In a fluctuating and unstable steam consumption regime the economy can be as high as 25-30% as compared to the conventional flue boilers.At your request, AMELIN engineers will choose the optimal steam generator for your needs and send you a technical and commercial proposal.
How does actual steam capacity of a steam generator change in response to higher operating pressure?
When the operating pressure of a steam generator (similarly to any other steam boiler) changes, properties of the saturated steam also change - specific volume reduces while steam density and specific enthalpy grow. Hence, with operating pressure growing, net steam output falls. The total energy components remains unchanged. At your request, AMELIN engineers will estimate the optimal steam generator capacity for your needs and send you a technical and commercial proposal.

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